Hemp Yoga Mats

Organic Premium Quality

Yogini Ma'at Hemp Yoga Mat
Yogini Ma'at Hemp Yoga Mat
Yogini Ma'at Hemp Yoga Mat

Hemp Yoga Mats

by Yogini Ma'at

Yogini Ma'at is a brand that launched June 2020 offering luxury products that are premium quality and honor Ahimsa; non-violence to the earth, animals, and our bodies. We provide true eco-conscious hemp yoga mats made with integrity, long term support (hemp is known to wear in never out), and encourage positive self habits that align with your highest good.

Our Hemp Yoga Mats are produced with the finest Hemp fibres and Natural Tree Rubber farmed in South-East Asia. Bringing these two plants together with high durability factors creates an ecstatically pleasing, long lasting safe space for all users. Not only are the mats organic but the packing is 100% Recyclable. 

Since the name Yogini Ma'at began as a title to the founder, it is important that the brand reflects the integrity of her work; Authentic, Holistic, & Valuable. It is pivotal to us that our products assist you in creating a high frequency reality; and to live high frequency is to live in alignment with nature and the natural laws.


Our Guarantees

100% Satisfaction

Longterm Durability

100% Eco-conscious



26" x 73" x 4mm
100% Surface grip
100% Slip resistant
100% Organic hemp
100% Natural tree rubber
100% Biodegradable
Water based ink
Excellent durability for a non-toxic practice
Free from harmful chemicals
Perfect for yoga, hot yoga, meditation, fitness
High quality Hemp Yoga Mat
Cotton Carry Strap included