Yogini Ma'at Philanthropy

30% of all monetary exchanges with Yogini Ma'at goes to the following projects.


Kiwangwa Pwani Region Development Project | Tanzania

Bethune Jae Cares Foundation

On my Mom's first trip to Tanzania, She was lead to a village named Kiwangwa Pwani. Its a beautiful village in need of a school, hospital, running water & electricity. They also need some assistance with agriculture.

​In starting this project we have been able to plant donated Pineapple seeds (maize) that are now sprouting. Recently we were able to...

Cape Coast Training Centre Development Project | Ghana

Abraham Smiles Foundation

This organisation seeks to bring all minds together to drive entrepreneurship, women and children welfare, and so much more. We are all about working with the people for the people.

Learn more about the project that have been done over the years.


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