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Yogini Ma'at
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Exclusive Hemp Yoga Mats

by Yogini Ma'at

Levitate on a high frequency Hemp Yoga mat or offer them to your customers!


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Woman Behind The Business

Jamila; also known as Yogini Ma'at

"I do this work because I am passionate about self discovery. I spent my late teens / early 20s peeling back the layers of childhood traumas, programming and discovering who I am as a spiritual being.

While self discovery is constant what makes me unique is I actually practice what I preach. Knowledge & wisdom without practice is useless.

Ultimately, my mission is to create a socially & environmentally just world by bringing awareness to the mental, emotional, & physical wellness of all beings I interact with.

The more we understand & relate to self determine how we understand & relate to the world around us.

Change self; change the world."


Client Testimonials

What They Have to Say

Last week I had my second session with yogini and we expanded on the powerful insight she provided last year. This was different than our first session which was mainly astrology and tarot ,she was able to intuitively connect to my energy field just through conversation alone and identify key areas for growth, she has this way of just knowing what you need and where you’re at in life, I can’t describe it but you will understand. She provides birth chart analysis, clairvoyant channeling and practices to do after that help you stay aligned with your intention. I feel an immediate expansion after talking to her. Looking forward to my next session with her, where we’ll practicing breath-work and body movement to release old programming from my physical body.


I booked a soul guidance reading with Yogini Ma’at/Jamila and it was honestly amazing. I appreciated how she took her time to explain everything to me in a way I could easily understand. I really liked how she focused in on certain details as well, details that will assist me in getting to where I need to go, effectively. I genuinely felt like everything was on point and I felt understood. This reading provided clarity for me and reassurance. The delivery of it was well organised and comfortable. I felt really at ease. Again, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend getting a soul guidance reading from Yogini Ma’at/Jamila. It was eye opening and interesting to have someone assist me in further understanding myself. When I say impeccable... I MEAN. She is so warm and kind and attentive. I am pretty much speechless but you need to do yourself a favour and trust Yogini Ma’at. Beautiful inside and out and I’m about to listen to my gems again. Definitely worth it!!! Don’t hesitate bOOK ASAP.

Mikaila Morales

This my second reading from the Queen Yogini and it was another phenomenal experience. I love how she used the combination of astrology & numerology to bring forth insight of the energies that I’m working with. What I loved the most is that these readings aren’t generic, she implements her own view of the numbers and planets. You could tell she genuinely cares about helping you reach the level of understanding that you hope to receive.

Mikey P.